Hi there! I’m Meg Fleming and I write books for kids.

Why? Kids make a lot of sense to me. They wonder… and wander… a lot.

And so do I.

You may recognize me from my preschool photo (see below) You’re thinking, “ahhh– I thought she looked familiar.” I know. I know! But I’m so glad you’re here. Because so much has happened since then! 

For instance, I have three books out. Ready, Set, Sail!, I Heart You and Ready, Set, Build!. And I am thrilled to add that fancy reviewers—like Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and School Library Journal— had great things to say about them. But my favorite reviewers are small… and they giggle, and they curl up in laps, and snuggle and memorize rhymes and help turn the page. And they’ve said great things too. Things like, “read it again.”

That’s my favorite.                Read it again.

And good news, there’s going to be more to read again! Now that you’re here we can stay in touch. If you want to know more about me and my musings, find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also, if you want the extra-special scoop… sign up for my Newsletter. I’ll keep you up posted on new releases and appearances and all the great things going on in kids books!

Finally, I love visiting schools to talk about writing and books with kids of all ages. If you’d like to have me speak at your school, give me a shout. I can’t wait to learn more about YOU!