Teachers, Librarians and Story Time Friends!

First things first, thank you for being such rock stars. Everyone knows that books don’t magically appear in the hands of children. Your efforts in plugging kids in to the right book are so appreciated.

Hopefully, the following teaching guides will be of use to you. My background is in education, and I adore working with kids. Since my first book came out, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many schools, libraries and bookstores and with each visit, I walk away delighted by the children and inspired by your creativity and love for kids and books.

I’m happy to have the opportunity to share some of my insights, lessons, ideas and songs… knowing full-well that you’ll add just the right twist of your own. If you find these guides helpful, please share them with your friends and tag me in your posts!

You are so appreciated– thanks for all you do!

Teacher Guides

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